The Birth of Bright Child Studio


 I am so glad you are here.  My name is Robin Norgren, M.A. and I am a mom, military wife and teacher, sometimes Montessori, sometimes Reggio Emilio, sometimes Art and, most recently Musical Theatre.  I have been a part of the Musical Theatre world in several states including Arizona, Colorado and Virginia.  My daughter has been blessed to be a part of many Musical Theatre communities as we have traveled with my husband who is in the U.S. Navy.  

Why did Bright Child Studio come to life? In 2018, I was a part of a school community that did not offer a music curriculum for middle school.  This was shocking to me, since I knew that music was a huge confidence builder in my daughter's life when she was younger and definitely helped her to process feelings as a preteen.  So one semester, my daughter approached the assistant Principal at the school and asked if her friends could make a Musical Theatre Club.  Mrs. Simonton said "yes" BUT my daughter had to have a "Teacher of Record" to supervise the process.  Guess who that "Teacher of Record" was?  

So here I was hanging out with kindergartners during the day and middle schoolers two afternoons a week, many with ZERO musical background.  And you know what? I had a wonderful opportunity to see some bright children Shine Brightly.  And the rest is history.   

Recently I have been reminded that life truly comes full circle.  Have you seen the movie "Little Women."  I was reminded of my PASSION to write plays when I was a little girl and "invite" my TWO sisters to be a part of the production and we would put on performances for an imaginary audience in our basement in Detroit, Michigan.  And my daughter's name?  Josephine!

My Bio


Robin Norgren, M.A.Th, is a Montessori teacher living in Apache Junction, Arizona.  She earned her Undergraduate degree in Management from Arizona State  University and her Masters Degree in Theology from Fuller Theological  Seminary.  She has completed her AMS Montessori Primary Certification  and is in the process of completing her AMI Montessori Primary  Certification.  Her recent accolades include helping to develop a  Montessori based preschool that serves as a integration program for  students with Autism.  She also taught Montessori Kindergarten and developed a curriculum that combined Montessori practices with Common Core Standards.  

Josey's  Art School was started as a passion project because Robin saw that art  education was diminishing in the elementary school curriculum.  She has  created and developed over 300 art lessons and has taught in classrooms,  community centers and after school programs all over Arizona and  Virginia.  

Josey's art school offers many types of creativity programs for kids and adults.  We bring all equipment and supplies to you. 

Bright Child Montessori  creates lesson plans to guide the Montessori Teacher through the army of albums prepared through the traditional AMS Montessori Certification process. 

Super Rewarding Results


Bright Child Studio is here to bring joy to your child's life.  But more than that, our studio wants to offer your child the opportunity to experience the many benefits achieved as a result of participation in this type of activity.  

Did you Know?


Among other life lessons and traits, musical theater can teach and foster these important skills:

1) A deeper understanding of human behavior and psychology: Researchers  submit that  actors learn to understand human nature in a new way. That’s because a performer must understand others’ actions and the meanings behind them to convincingly portray another character, environment and tone on stage. In doing this, they conversely learn to identify their own innate biases and practice empathy when interacting with the people around them.

2) A sense of ownership and independence: In a theater production, there’s no sitting on the sidelines! There’s only one person for each role and a small margin for error, so performers must learn to work independently and arrive prepared. They are expected to pull their own weight – and sometimes even more — to produce the best show possible. 

3) Creative thinking and problem-solving skills: Anyone partaking in a production is involved in the business of creation – whether it’s building scenery, a script, a costume, props, and so on. On stage, performers create characters, moods and settings. They must also use problem-solving skills to decide how a character will react, what decisions they will make, and how their actions will help tell the story. 

4) How to give and take feedback effectively: Giving and receiving constructive feedback is a regular part of any form of theater. Performers understand that feedback is a useful part of the learning process and how to channel it into success. At the same time, they are also challenged to give feedback to their peers that is respectful and useful. Critical thinking and listening are just as an important piece of the puzzle as performing on stage. 

5) The importance of teamwork and the unique value that every individual brings: Musical theater is arguably the most collaborative form of creative expression. It takes a range of people – writers, actors, designers, directors, choreographers, and more – to put together a successful performance. Performers can’t get on stage without the help of the off-stage crew; what happens behind the scenes is just as important as what happens when the curtain rises. Theater demands that anyone working on a project is an important part of the show – the final product can never be completed unless every team member is working toward the same goal. 


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